Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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New Deluxe X-large Home Infrared FIR Portable Detox Sauna Minimize

New Deluxe X-large Home Infrared FIR Portable Sauna Detox 

Product Description

  • No trouble of waiting for boiling water.

  • No worry about the steam will hurt your skin.

  • Free Gifts: Portable Folding Chair and Foot Massager.

Detail Description:

  • Color: Silver

  • Brand New in Retail Packaging

  • Power: 650W,110v US standard

  • Neck Cover to keep hermetical when warm-up.

  • Zipper for entrance.

  • Zippers for hands let you can put out your hands to read when doing sauna.

  • Pockets for remote control and power supply

  • Removable cover with zipper can be taken off to wash.

  • Large far infrared ray heat board for fast and constant temperature

  • New Technology: Three super conductive heating elements coated with heat activated FIR material

  • Temperature Setting: 6 levels from 40 centigrade(104 Fahrenheit degree) to 65 centigrade (149 Fahrenheit degree).

  • Timer: 5-30 minutes

  • Easy Set Up in 1 Minute

Package Include:

  • 1x Portable FAR Sauna with remote control

  • 1x Folding Chair

  • 1x Foot Massager

  • 1x Manual (Please read before using!)



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