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Recipes For Repair: A Lyme Disease Cookbook Minimize

Book Description

Publication Date: December 1, 2010
A Bronze Medal Winner in the 2012 Living Now Book Awards and an Award-Winning Finalist in The 2012 USA Best Book Awards

This 288-page book features over 150 recipes (over 55 include full color photos) that are:
* developed by Gail Piazza, a professional food stylist and recipe developer whose clients include All-Clad, Emerilware, Krups, Dr. Weil products and Lenox Corporation
* free of cane sugar, refined and artificial ingredients
* made from all-natural, whole food ingredients
* labeled with icons for quick identification of the many meals appropriate for vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and/or low-sugar diets

Not just a cookbook! 
* Features a foreword by Dr. Singleton, author of The Lyme Disease Solution
* Explains Dr. Singleton's anti-inflammation diet, including how to incorporate it into your life 
* Includes money-saving suggestions 
* Provides practical preparation and equipment tips for cooks of any experience level
* Defines the beneficial characteristics of many foods 
* An essential tool for anyone who enjoys preparing meals from whole foods free of processed ingredients! 

With Recipes for Repair you'll enjoy delicious meals just like everyone else! 

5-star Review Excerpts: 

* "Overall, I feel healthier and better following this diet."
* "Is worth every penny!"
* "I really appreciate that the recipes are not labor intensive." 
* "I would highly recommend this cookbook if you have Lyme disease or any type of inflammatory condition." 
* "It's become my go-to cookbook for inspiration on healthier eating."
* "I bought [this book] to learn how to eat healthy and organic... so glad I did!"

Editorial Reviews

TOUCHED BY LYME: New cookbook provides road map for Lyme Inflammation Diet

Most people dealing with Lyme eventually come face to face with the need to improve their diet. It may include going gluten-free, and/or eliminating assorted other food allergens, and/or finding ways to incorporate more organic, fresh produce into their daily meals. The simple fact is, what you eat has a tremendous effect on how well you can fight back from chronic illness. However, it s also a fact that, when you re sick, it can seem well-nigh impossible to make fundamental changes in your diet.

Recipes for Repair: a Lyme Disease Cookbook (Peconic Publishing, 2010), by Gail and Laura Piazza, can help. Some background:

Laura Piazza, a graphic designer and photographer, struggled for years with what turned out to be Lyme disease and coinfections. Once she was finally appropriately diagnosed and undergoing treatment, she came across Dr. Kenneth Singleton s informative book, The Lyme Disease Solution. (FYI, I highly recommend this book for any Lyme patient.)

She was particularly drawn to Chapter 5, in which Dr. Singleton discusses what he calls the Lyme Inflammation Diet. Wanting to give her body its best shot at healing, she decided to give the diet a try. Lucky for her, her mom was uniquely qualified to give her a hand. Gail Piazza is a professional home economist and cook, with a long track record of developing recipes for high profile clients. Laura emailed her mom a list of foods she was supposed to eat, and her mom sent her back suggested recipes. That was the beginning of what eventually became this book, which the pair created in partnership with Dr. Singleton.

Recipes for Repair takes Dr. Singleton s dietary guidelines and puts them into practice. The book explains about chronic inflammation, the role it plays in Lyme disease, and the importance of an anti-inflammatory diet. It shows how to incorporate the diet into your life, and gives some basic food preparation tips. But the heart of the book is Part 3, the recipes.

Coupled with gorgeous photographs, the recipes should appeal to anyone seeking wholesome food. No sense of deprivation here. And no need for the cook to be preparing two different menus for people with different health status.

The book even includes some special treats suitable for holiday entertaining. Bon appetite. --Dorothy Kupcha Leland, California Lyme Disease Association

About the Author

Gail Piazza is a home economics consultant with a Master's degree in Food and Nutrition. For over thirty years, she has developed and tested recipes and styled food for movies, television commercials, print ads and packaging for an extensive list of high-profile clients, such as All-Clad, Emerilware, Krups, Farberware and Lenox Corporation. 

Together with her mother Gail, Laura Piazza co-authored Recipes for Repair.

Laura is an award-winning Certified Professional Photographer and graphic designer. She also has chronic Lyme disease and appreciates the important role of nutrition in healing, which is what inspired her to create this book with her mother. 

In a combined effort, this mother and daughter team worked closely with Dr. Singleton to create this wonderful book of recipes specific to his anti-inflammatory diet, featured in his book The Lyme Disease Solution

Dr. Singleton is a Lyme disease specialist who has recovered fully from Lyme disease. Gail developed all the recipes in the book and styled all the food for the photographs, which Laura photographed. The book was designed and laid out by Laura.




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