My Eternal Companion & I have been married for a short six months & have been together for one & a half years. I knew he had Lyme when we reconnected after a brief association through our Church Youth Group some thirty~six years prior. I have been through two marriages & giving birth to, & raising three beautiful children; none of these life experiences, however, could have prepared me for what was ahead of me down the pathway of Lyme Disease. I have watched the love of my life go through pain & suffering that I can only compare to going through three days of labor & then, giving birth. The most frustrating part of all is that I can do absolutely nothing for him except just be there!

I find it amazing that in the world of technology that we now live in, the medical community not only fails to acknowledge this disease as real, but also takes no accountability for its lack of common knowledge in the treatment of it. He has done more for himself through research & natural protocols then he could ever get from a mainstream medical doctor.

I am finding that the best way we can get through this is together & to take it one day at a time. We stay active in our church, stay close to & have not only a solid relationship with one another, but also with our Heavenly Father, who guides & directs our path. We are working together to overcome this disease & have made it our goal to help others who also suffer, by telling them what we know through experience & research. I am finding greater happiness each day knowing that we can inspire & lift others through support, understanding, & most of all, love.